Personality Trait Personalised Cushion

Personality Trait Personalised Cushion

Let me paint you a picture. Imagine you just came back late from the roughest day at work and all you want to do is crash on your bed and lay on the comfiest pillow there is to so you can drift off and have the sweetest dreams ever. Well you can do just that with our customised cushion with a soft, inner, luxury fibre filling, to guarantee you with the best nap you have ever had.

This off-white, square personalised cushion is the perfect gift for people who adore their nap times. Not only does the cushion have a soft canvas feel and a natural woven look, but you can customise the words on the pillow cover with three words of your choice. Each word starting in a new line, each visualised in a different font for modern aesthetic. Also, the design will be printed using a heat pressing technique.

Whether this cushion will be used for naps or as a design piece in your living room, it is the perfect gift for anyone!

- Personalised cushion
- Soft canvas feel
- Natural woven look made of polyester
- Off-white colour
- Luxury fibre inner cushion

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