Zeolla is marking this year’s Remembrance Sunday with a limited edition bar of milk chocolate..

Zeolla is playing its part in supporting those who have been affected by war. The 85g milk chocolate bar features an iconic poppy design with a surprise addition - The poppy is actually a sticker which you can peel off and wear without any fuss.

No more holes in jumpers or worrying you’ve lost your pin down your t-shirt, you can stick it onto any item of clothing to show your support for the cause.

These are the safest poppies around and are absolutely perfect for children.

Every Remembrance Sunday, we pay our respects to those who fought and died for our country.

For decades, we have shown our support by wearing poppies, but how did this tradition begin and why do we do it?

The story of why we wear poppies dates back to the First World War. In 1915, Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae lost his friend in the battle of Ypres. As he was grieving the loss of comrade Lieutenant Alexis Helmer, he spotted scores of poppies growing in the battle-torn fields. This poignant sight inspired him to write In Flanders Fields, one of the most famous war poems of all time.

Following the First World War, the poppy was then adopted as a symbol of remembrance.

When is Remembrance Sunday?

This year, Remembrance Sunday takes place on Sunday 8th November

Many people start wearing poppies on October 12th - almost a month before Remembrance Day - so get in touch with us today to place your order.

Whether you’re an eCommerce site looking for something special to promote or a retail premises looking to offer your customers something special this year, we can cater to all businesses large and small.

With a lead time of up to 10 days, we can ensure your stock is with you in plenty of time and this is such a unique offering, your customers will absolutely love them!

Who are Zeolla?

We’re a family-run business based in the UK, who specialise in personalised chocolate bars. We’re a creative bunch and this is one bar that we’re especially proud of.

Founder, Aldo Zeolla said: “The design for this bar is something really special and you can’t get it anywhere else. We’re hoping that retailers will love the design and that the wearable poppy sticker is something that can be used in a variety of situations.”

From every bar sold, Zeolla will be donating 30p to the British Legion, supporting the British Armed Forces, veterans and their families.

If you’d like to stock this limited edition bar in your shop, for your virtual event or to send to your employees, get in touch with us today!

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