Are you fed up of seeing the same old boring wedding favours on every website you look at?

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

We feel your pain! We set up Zeolla with brides in mind, so we know exactly what you’re looking for… and what you’re not.

We know you’re looking for something to add that special touch to your big day. When we first started making wedding favours we supplied sugared almonds, and then moved onto truffles, before finally launching our personalised chocolate bars. We’ve seen the wedding trends as they’ve evolved over the years and it’s been an exciting journey.

Are you looking to match a colour scheme? Maybe you want your favours to complement your flowers, your bridesmaid’s dresses or your table decorations. Not a problem, we can do that with a personalised design, we'll create a unique solution no matter how unusual your requirements.

Show your token of gratitude with a delicious, luxurious bar of milk chocolate exclusively designed with your very own personalised message that your guests will love and always remember.

Let us create the perfect designs to add the finishing touch, making your big day unique and unforgettable!

Whatever your budget, whether you're looking for cheap, inexpensive wedding favours or top-notch luxury presents for your guests, we'll help you to create an amazing personalised gift for your family and friends on your big day.

Whatever your requirement, we have a fabulous range of ideas... and a wealth of experience so we can help you to make the whole process as simple as possible... Plus, we're incredibly helpful!

So what can we do?

We have plenty of experience working with brides-to-be and know that it can be a stressful time, so we aim to make this process as enjoyable and fun as possible. There are various things we can do for you with our chocolate bars, but we love a challenge… so give us your crazy idea and we’ll make it come true!

Here are some ways our chocolate bars can be used for your special day:

  • Each guest name can be printed on the chocolate bar to act as place settings

  • Personalised gifts for the bridal party for the morning of the wedding

  • We can add a personalised message from the bride and groom

  • We can highlight your wedding hashtag, saving you money on printing another sign

  • We can add a QR code which, when scanned, can play a message from the Bride & Groom

  • How about a picture of the happy couple? No problem!

The options really are endless, so let your creativity flow and give us a call to discuss your dreams for the big day.

We’d like to finish by saying a huge congratulations on your engagement and we hope you have an amazing wedding day, we’re sure it will be fabulous!

If you’d like to chat things over, you can get in touch with us here.

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