Promotional chocolate

Hotel chocolates

Hotel Chocolates, Chocolate Napolitans add a special touch of luxury. Enhance your Corporate Image, put Logo Chocolates on the reception desk. Reception Chocolates are very welcoming. Personalised Chocolates fit very well on any Hospitality Tray. Use them as a Promotional Gift, as a bedroom Gift.

Corporate chocolates

Corporate Chocolates are a delicious served with hot drinks or as After Dinner Chocolates.
Each Chocolate Napolitan is individually foil wrapped for freshness, the overwrapper can be printed with a With Compliments or Thank You message or can be Personalised with any Logo or Message.

Restaurant chocolate

Chocolate Neapolitans make perfect Restaurant Chocolates. Personalised Chocolates, delicious chocolates, foil wrapped and with your Branding on the chocolate wrappers. Chocolate Wrappers can be Printed Full Colour or Foil Printed Single Colour.

Especially great for Foodservice, the Personalised Chocolates are cost effective and as they are individually wrapped they are hygienic to handle.

Each Logo Chocolate is made to order giving you a minimum of a 12 month shelf life.
If you are interested in personalised 5g chocolate bars then complete your details below and we will be in touch.
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Before you place an order please take note of the following:
Delivery can take up to 3 weeks
You will need to provide a high resolution logo
Inner foils can be gold or silver
Chocolate flavours are:
Milk chocolate
Milk mint
Milk orange

If you have any questions please email us before placing an order.

Thank you