How do I place an order?

The majority of work we do is creating bespoke designs that are specific to you and your occasion. Please get in touch with us to discuss any queries you might have. Simply call 07931 737 322 or send an email to info@zeolla.co.uk

Can you print logos & photos on the wrappers?

Yes, either as the main image on the front of the wrapper, or on the back. The customer is held fully responsible for ensuring there are no copyright violations as Zeolla Ltd will not accept liability for any infringement. By sending us your image or photograph, you are acknowledging that you are the owner of the image, or have obtained permission from the copyright owner in written form, which permits Zeolla Ltd to print it in accordance with your order.

Can I design my own wrapper / use my own artwork?

Yes. If you are a graphic designer, artworker, or have created your own invitations electronically then we can supply dimensions for you to work with & then create a proof of your design for you. The customer is held fully responsible for ensuring there are no copyright violations with the artwork supplied.

Do all bars have to be the same?

No. They can be individually personalised (think place settings), though we can also individually personalise the back of each wrapper too.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No. The only stipulation is that you order an EVEN number please (as we print 2 bars at a time). However, cost savings do come into place oce you order 50 bars or more.

When should I order?

The design can happen at any time in your wedding planning process. Ideally once you have your stationery confirmed then this is our starting point to be able to create something to match/complement.

Typically for a wedding we would suggest ordering about 6-8 weeks before your big day. We can of course turn orders around much quicker & have been known to come to the rescue a week before!

If you are having the bars individually personalised, then you won't be able to confirm your order until all RSVPs have come back in & remember there will always be some stragglers you'll need to chase up.

We will supply all necessary instructions to you in good time to make the whole process as easy as possible!


Delivery wherever possible (& that is in the majority of cases) is by local courier. That way you pay a flat fee for delivery which is not weight-dependent & we know that our chocolate bars will be looked after & delivered to you in perfect condition. All of this will be advised & an agreed delivery date discussed with you once your order is ready to be printed.

We deliver throughout the UK & to Europe.

How do I make payment?

You will receive an invoice by email which will contain details of how to make your payment. Electronic bank transfer or Paypal are preferable.

I have a question....

If you still have a question please do call/whatsapp us on 07931 737 322 or email us on info@zeolla.co.uk