About Us

We started our journey nearly two years ago combining our two favourite passions, travelling and food or to be more specific eating the finest confectionery and so the hunt was on. We started to investigate and research our passion, joining forums, attending meet up events and writing on discussion boards. We would also look out for local chocolatier's when travelling, ensure we would visit  each one. We have been luck to find 3 products that makes our taste buds go crazy, chocolate truffles, sugar almonds and chocolate fizz and so.... ZEOLLA - Luxury Confectionery was born.

Due to this we won't confuse you with 100s of items. Infact you will only ever see a small range of products available to purchase, like a restaurant offering a small but creative menu.

We travel all over Europe, working with small manufacturing companies that produce amazing confectionery of which some are award winners. Due to this we have formed very good relationships with our partners and established friendships along the way. We endeavour to achieve the same with all our customers.

Thank you