Best Personalised Gifts for Men

Best Personalised Gifts for Men

Whether you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift or a birthday gift for him, the men in your lives deserve a little luxurious, personalised gift every once in a while to show them just how much you care for them. For those who might be searching for some inspiration, we, at Zeolla, wanted to share our list for the best personalised gifts for men. We know that it can feel extremely monotonous getting your dad or husband a ‘best dad’ mug or a regular, old wallet, so we wanted to share a small selection of our many personalised products at Zeolla that will inspire and hopefully cater to your gift giving needs for him. So, let’s check out our top 5 best personalised gifts for men below

1. Secret Message Silver Cufflinks

This has to be number one on our best personalised gifts for men list. Our Secret Message SIlver Cufflinks. The ultimate gift for the stylish, working man. These cufflinks are far from your average joe cufflinks.

What makes them so unique? These silver cufflinks come with a personalised message written on a tiny scroll of paper that is tucked inside the cufflink itself in a hidden compartment. And the best part is that you can customise the message that fits in these cufflinks. This allows super personal touch to  the most common ‘Men’s gift’. Tell your dad that he’s the best dad ever; tell your husband to have a great day at work or even write an inside joke on the scroll of paper… It’s all up to you! But if you are really struggling to come up with a message, we can leave them blank for you to write on them later. The heavy weight stainless steel cufflinks ensure durability and certainly look luxurious and expensive.

Don’t know what to gift to give for him? These personalised cufflinks are your best bet.

2. Personalised Whiskey Glass

What’s a more perfect gift for a man that loves his whiskey? Our personalised whiskey glass.

The last thing you want to do is gift the special man in your life with another meaningless piece of china that he’s never going to use. So, why not give him a glass that has some meaning and personality? This diamond etched whiskey glass can be customised with the first or last initial of the whiskey lover’s name. The handsome, bold font on the glass is surely something that he is going to absolutely love. A hard beverage like whiskey needs to sit in a sturdy, deluxe personalised glass. So, let’s turn up the dial on the class and luxury gifting for the men in your lives by gifting him this diamond etched whiskey glass.

3. Personalised Leather Wallet

This very common gift for him needs revamping. And we, at Zeolla, have done just that. Because every man needs to carry around a sturdy wallet, we have the perfect personalised brown leather wallet just for him. The sleek and slim design fits all of those daily essentials like credit and debit cards.

What makes this leather wallet unique is not only the design but the fact that you can engrave the genuine leather with a meaningful quote or saying, say, from your kids or even from yourself. If meaningful, fashionable, and not to mention, very functional gifts are right up your alley then this is the go-to gift that we know all men would love to have in their back pocket.

4. Personalised Cafetiere

Calling all coffee lovers! Especially men who can’t start their day without their french press coffee in the morning. Our personalised cafetiere makes it at number 4 on our best personalised gifts for men.

This is no ordinary cafetiere, oh no, this classy cafetiere is for the classy men out there who want their Arabica Brazilian smooth blend to sit in a luxurious gold rimmed cafetiere. Not to mention that you can personalise the glass with someone’s name or even a quote to add that customised touch to your mundane, morning routine.

This is a great addition to any kitchen. Even if your man is not a coffee lover, it still makes for a handsome, expensive-looking kitchen prop. Get rid of the other plastic, worn kettles and coffee presses in your kitchen as this cafetiere will show them all up. This cafetiere is perfect for that super extra man in your lives. So, what are you waiting for? Pu this gold rimmed cafetiere in your basket now.

5. Personalised Cushion

Lastly, but certainly not least, our personalised cushion has made its way onto our best personalised gifts for men list. A cushion may not be your go-to gift for him, but this one definitely will change your mind about gifting pillows to grown men.

Our soft, fibre filling cushion is not only the comfiest pillow out there, it is also the most good-looking pillow you’ll see. So, it’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Perfect, right?

The reason it’s pleasing to the eye is because you can pick 3 words you want on your pillow, each starting on a new line and each word pressed onto the woven canvas pillow in a unique font. Fancy and functional, high quality products  is what we strive for here at Zeolla and this gift encompasses all of that perfectly.

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